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A computer dependant life form

I'm a technology lover with a diverse association with it, in terms of speaking, writing and building technology. Also a proud Mozillian advocating the Open Web !


I'm currently a Developer Evangelist for deepstreamHub. It's a realtime backend server which can be readily plugged into your applications, created by a bunch of passionate people. My work involves letting the world understand deepstream and the tremendous use cases it brings along !


This is the newest addition to my skillset ! In the March of 2017, a book I co-authored along with a friend Tanay Pant, titled "Learning Web Based Virtual Reality", was published. You can find it on Amazon. If you have already read this book, make sure that you have left a review !


Hackathons ? Tech Conferences ? Dev Books ? Bring 'em on ! I've attended a plenty of such events during my undergrad and even mentored a few. I've also spoken a various global tech conferences. Feel free to drop me a mail for an invitation to speak at your conference.


Okay so let's face it. I'm not the nerd type. I do not code on weekends (sorry!). In my spare time I travel, do photography, debating, drumming, blogging and some salsa ;) Looking forward to adding more items to this list. Have an interesting hobby idea? Talk to me, I might just get started !

My Education

I'm did my bachelors in Computer Science major from Visvesvaraya Technological University's Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India. A high-school alumnus of Kendriya Vidyalaya, AFS, Yelahanka from Bangalore, India.

My Family

My father is a veteran Air Warrior at the Indian Air Force. Currently, Regional Manager at Valuepitch-e-technologies. My mother is a Professor in Computers major at Visvesvaraya Technological University - Sir MVIT. A brother, football enthusiast, he's 10.

Life as a Mozillian

I've been volunteering at Mozilla since 2013. I contribute to various projects like the FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador) Program, MLN (Mozilla Leadership Networks), SUMO( Support Mozilla), Moz VR (A-Frame). I'm also very recently trained as a Tech Speaker at Mozilla. Currently enjoying speaking about A-Frame and my role as a Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) member where I help Mozilla build a better presence in University Campuses !

My association with Mozilla has made a tremendous impact in the work I do today and the way I do it. I would say I'm a proud Mozillian !

My Work

Track my work here:
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  Location: Berlin, Germany (CET)

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