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A computer dependant life form

I'm a technology lover with a diverse association with it, in terms of speaking, writing and building technology. Also a proud Mozillian advocating the Open Web !


I'm an advocate for the realtime web. I speak at conferences and write articles about the same. My work involves letting the world understand this technology and the tremendous use cases the realtime world has to offer!


This is the newest addition to my skillset ! In the March of 2017, a book I co-authored along with a friend Tanay Pant, titled "Learning Web Based Virtual Reality", was published. You can find it on Amazon. If you have already read this book, make sure that you have left a review !


Hackathons ? Tech Conferences ? Dev Books ? Bring 'em on ! I've attended a plenty of such events during my undergrad and even mentored a few. I've also spoken a various global tech conferences. Feel free to drop me a mail for an invitation to speak at your conference.


Okay so let's face it. I'm not the nerd type. I do not code on weekends (sorry!). In my spare time I travel, do photography, debating, drumming, blogging and some salsa ;) Looking forward to adding more items to this list. Have an interesting hobby idea? Talk to me, I might just get started !

My Education

I'm did my bachelors in Computer Science major from Visvesvaraya Technological University's Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology in Bangalore, India. A high-school alumnus of Kendriya Vidyalaya, AFS, Yelahanka from Bangalore, India.

My Family

My father is a veteran Air Warrior at the Indian Air Force. Currently, Regional Manager at Valuepitch-e-technologies. My mother is a Professor in Computers major at Visvesvaraya Technological University - Sir MVIT. A brother, football enthusiast, he's 10.

Life as a Mozillian

I've been volunteering at Mozilla since 2013. I contribute to various projects like the FSA (Firefox Student Ambassador) Program, MLN (Mozilla Leadership Networks), SUMO( Support Mozilla), Moz VR (A-Frame). I'm also very recently trained as a Tech Speaker at Mozilla. Currently enjoying speaking about A-Frame and my role as a Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) member where I help Mozilla build a better presence in University Campuses !

My association with Mozilla has made a tremendous impact in the work I do today and the way I do it. I would say I'm a proud Mozillian !

My Work

Track my work here:
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  Location: Berlin, Germany (CET)

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